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Best Wordpress Website Hosting Services in Kenya

Wordpress is the leading content management software in the world.
Did you know that more than 25 percent of all global websites run on Wordpress as at 2016 ?
Wordpress also have 58 percent market share in the Content Management Software (CMS) field according to
This Wordpress growth is down to its simplicity, quality support from its supporting team among other qualities.
Wordpress updates have always addressed bugs and issues in the previous versions.
No programming skills are required to deliver a quality website on Wordpress.
A web designer just needs to learn the Wordpress way of doing things to deliver a quality website.
Wordpress is based on most popular script language PHP.
Wordpress is also available for free to download and use.
Wordpress community has also ensured there is plugin for technically any feature you would require on your website.
Forums and support blogs assisting newbies in the Wordpress domain are numerous and have rich content for anyone looking for material to learn.
These forums, sites and blogs have simplified illustrations on to do various things on Wordpress.
Just by following these guides one can come up with a good website within two days.
Wordpress is best suited and commonly used for blogging.
Wordpress hosting is a special product from Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, India that seek to avail all the required resources to anyone looking to develop and host a Wordpress project.
Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, India guides one on how to set up and get started on the Wordpress project; most importantly they avail a support personnel on phone or chat to the newbies.
Serves supporting Wordpress hosting are customized to serve all the resource that a Wordpress site may require.
Get started today on Wordpress hosting today at TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India.

I will recommend you guys any day, the great work on my e-commerce business - ever grateful.

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