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Web security remain a neglected field of web technology.
Web security has been left for ecommerce websites and large corporate websites.
Web security need to be treated serious just like antiviruses have gain popularity among the personal computers user.
One should invest in web security as a preventive measure.
Do not wait until your service is hacked to know the value of web security.
Web security is often summed up to https or SSL certificate installation.
SSL certificate is just one of web securing tool but it’s not total web security.
Web security include white hat hacking – refer to penetration testing performed by computer security experts on websites and system to expose their vulnerability or certify their security against hackers.
TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India deals with the best SSL certificates in the market, trading SSL and other security products from major security companies and CA including Comodo, Symantec, Global sign, and Godaddy among others.
TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India has a team of computer system experts who test and certify information systems in the market.
Contact TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India for best SSL certificate and custom web and information security services and products for Kenya, Nigeria, India., African and Global Market

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