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Web design is an art; only top artist delivers quality work in web design just like any other art.
A great web designer is an artist with great sense for aesthetic and skill in web presentation.
Such an artist must have a guiding philosophy, which may be defined and documented or otherwise.
A lot of great artist and great web design do not have documented philosophies on how they implement their designs.
Most of these great artist and web designers with no documented philosophies were trained through self-training or secret apprenticeship – learnt by observing, then trying and over again.
Over time they were able to perfect the art to greatness.
Any great artist that has been trained by a great artist through a formal or informal training set up knows the value of a documented philosophy.
A company is made of one or a group of artist. A web design firm requires certain qualities and resources to be qualified as a great web design companies.
Otherwise, the quality of design will always vary with then designer in charge and therefore fall short of greatness.
A documented philosophy is one of the most important resources in a great web design firm.
A documented philosophy always guide the creativity of artists to conform to the firm’s way of doing things, way of designing.
Any great web design firm must enforce a design philosophy.
Such a firm guarantees her clients quality work year in year out irrespective of the designers in charge.
A few firms in Kenya, Nigeria, India qualify to be great web design firms; others have had their moment of greatness which ceased as soon as great designers left the firm.
Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, India has implemented a design philosophy that has led to delivery of high quality design work year in year out.

I will recommend you guys any day, the great work on my e-commerce business - ever grateful.

Pat Ma, Ebizna , US

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