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Magento is an open source e-commerce PHP based content management software system.
Based on statistics by as 2016 Magento is fourth most popular CMS after Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.
Magento commands 1.3 percent market share of all the websites in the world and a 2.9 percent market share of all cms based websites globally.
It has led to growth of E-commerce by providing powerful framework to build e-commerce websites and systems.
Magento started of a project by a company called Varien Inc., but later was acquired by eBay before becoming and independent company.
There are two variations of Magento CMS, Magento Community which is the open source version and Magento Enterprise which is the commercial version.
Other variations that are not very popular include Magento go which was a cloud version of Magento.
One of the most stable Magento version is 2.0 which has seen source security flaws fixed among other important developments.
Developers do not need to have any programming skills.
Magento remain the CMS framework for e-commerce website, has better features than opencart, prestashop and others.
Magento Hosting is not a common product since fewer web hosting companies can really support Magento Developers. However, TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India offers Magento hosting to her client in in Kenya, Nigeria, India., Africa and in other continents.
Magento Hosting package include a set up or installation guide that can help a developer to get started on Magento. TrueHost support team include former and current Magento CMS developers who are able to support developers subscribed to the Magento Hosting Service.
Anyone looking to develop a do it yourself E-commerce Website should try Magento and go for Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, IndiaMagento Hosting for an easy ride in development.

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