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Drupal is third among CMS in terms of market share according
Drupal is php based open source content management software.
Drupal support the content management framework for about 2 percent of all websites globally.
This translate to a 5 percent market share among all the CMS software.
Drupal is famed for its knowledge management attributes. It has been used to support large directories, websites and blogs.
Its Userability is quite low compared to Joomla and Wordpress, however recent versions, Drupal version 8.0 that sought to address this issue, adding features like drag and drop to make the it friendly to non-programmers developers.
It has over 31000 developers and 31000 add-ons supporting over a million websites.
Some claim it has better security features among all the CMS.
Drupal has evolved from which has Dutch origin, its development date back to 2001.
Its popularity however, rose when Howard Dean a 2004 US Democratic party primary candidate used it for Deanspace, utilizing the messaging or communication power of Drupal.
Drupal 7.0 was one of the most popular versions but has since been replaced by a better and superior Drupal 8.0.
Drupal has also supported windows developers. Drupal can be hosted on any apache web server and commonly runs with mysql database.
Drupal hosting is not very popular but Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, India has invested to support Drupal hosting.
Drupal hosting package on Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, India comprises an easy set up guide on how to install and get started on Drupal core to develop your website.
Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, IndiaSupport are equipped to offer technical support on Drupal. Anyone looking to develop on Drupal is encouraged to go for Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, India Drupal Hosting Package; it’s the best Drupal hosting service in Kenya, Nigeria, India..

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