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Best domain and Cpanel Website hosting services in Kenya, Nigeria, India.

Web hosting services refer to an internet service that a web hosting provider lease storage space and other computing resource on online web server to a client for a given period usually one year.
There various type of web hosting, to mention just a few; shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, cms hosting and cloud hosting are some of the most popular terminologies on the market today.
Shared Hosting refer to a service that involve several customers websites and applications sharing computing resource but with virtually dedicated disk space and bandwidth.
It is the cheapest service in web hosting. Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, India has the best web hosting services that is including shared hosting.
Our cheapest shared web hosting service is Silver package; TrueHost Silver package has 10GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth and has the best price for a web hosting package in the market.
Reseller Hosting refer to when a small company or a big company that owns several website or a freelance developer who lease a bigger space and set of server resources to host numerous websites.
The leaser companies charge a fixed amount of money for the package despite the number of website hosted at any particular time. TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, Indiahas the best Reseller Hosting Service too in Kenya, Nigeria, India, with Silver Reseller Web Hosting package guaranteeing freelance developers and small companies profit from their small web hosting business.
VPS hosting refer to when a web hosting client leases a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to host one or several websites. The leaser hosting company like TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India charges a fixed fee on the VPS no matter the number of websites hosted on the particular VPS.
TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India has the Best VPS hosting in the market, large servers owned by TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India allow them to charge best prices for the VPS Hosting Product. Check out for the cheapest VPS Hosting in Kenya.
Dedicated Server hosting refer to when a customer leases a dedicated server to run one or several websites or applications online.
The leasing company or individual pays a fixed amount to the leaser company like TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India to use the dedicated server for whatever application, host one or several websites.
TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India has the best dedicated web hosting services today offering dedicated servers at the best or the cheapest prices in the market today.
Cms Hosting refer to hosting for CMS based websites these includes Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Blogger among other. These are offered at TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India at the prices.
Check out the best Joomla hosting, Wordpress hosting, Drupal hosting, Magento hosting and Blogger Hosting on TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India for the best and cheapest or most affordable prices
Cloud Hosting refer to new hosting technology where application and websites are hosted on resource flexible servers, clients do not pay a fixed amount of money periodical as in the former hosting products but instead pay for what they consume in a pay as you go model.
Applications and websites have virtually infinite amount of computing resources.
TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India has the cloud technology in the market borrowed from cloud innovation company CloudPap. Check out best cloud hosting services in Kenya at Truehost in Kenya, Nigeria, India, guaranteed the best, cheapest and most affordable prices for the cloud hosting.

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