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Best and Cheapest SSL Certificates in Kenya

SSL refer to Secure Sockets Layer and closely related to TLS Transport Layer Security.
SSL is used to implement HTTPS protocol which is also known as HTTP Secure or HTTP over TLS or HTTP over SSL.
SSL certificate refer to public cryptography key issued by a certificate authority.
There a few certificate authority in the world about 20 in number who are trusted by users and website owners.
When a visitor visits a website a key to encrypt the data he or she sends to the data is issued.
That key may be disposable or otherwise.
Major CA companies include COMODO, Symantec, Global sign, Godaddy.
COMODO leads the pack with a market share of 40 percent followed by Symantec.
Price of an SSL depends with its use or depth of security cover.
Domain Validation SSL are the cheapest with prices starting $10 at TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India.
This is the cheapest price you can get a SSL certificate at.
This SSL certificate just validate domain ownership.
An SSL that validate both domain ownership and company details cost at $80 on, another market best price for SSL certificate
. EV SSL or extended validation is the SSL that displays a green bar on the browser address bar with the name of organization.
The cheapest EV SSL can be found on TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India from $120 which is also another best price for SSL certificate in Kenya, Nigeria, India.
Issuance of SSL certificate takes time, time taken depend on level of validation required to be performed.
When issuing extended validation or True Business ID organizations require submitting some supporting documents and the process takes even more than a week for the Certificate Authority to issue an SSL certificate.
Trust no one else but TrueHost in Kenya, Nigeria, India in best SSL certificates in the market, offer the best prices for SSL certificates and shortest registration time in the market.
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